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vom: 11.07.2017

Do you want information about Higher Education? Join Kiron women’s community event !

Let’s meet on Wednesday 19th July from 5 to 8pm at the Migration Hub (Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin) to talk about the education for women, meet female refugees and female professionals from Berlin and share food together !
Kiron is an online platform which helps refugees to go to university !

With more than 2700 students, but only 16 percent of them being female, we are working doubly hard during this month to increase our female student population! We are coming together to talk about the importance of education for women, share empowering female stories and foster an open dynamic between our female students, Kironistas and local Berlin community.

Bring food from your home country and come with people from your family of you want ! Every body is welcome!
All the info on the Facebook event:

We are looking forwards to meet you there !
Kind regards,
Kiron team

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