Initiative: Arrivo Übungswerstätten
aus: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Thema: /
vom: 15.07.2017

Learn the rules. Learn your rights. Learn the skills to ride with confidence and fix your bike!

Get your bike rolling this spring and summer at ARRIVO! Whether you’re fixing a flat, handling your regular maintenance routine, or building a new ride, ARRIVO has you covered. Our two week bike repair course starts on Monday 17.07 and is Monday -Friday, 9 to 13.

Participants should bring their bike (if they have one or we have a few to borrow). ARRIVO will provide tools and consumables (grease, oil, rags, cleaners).

ARRIVO’s bike workshop covers the benefits of commuting by bicycle, techniques for safe street riding, basic bike maintenance, and more.

In this Workshop you will learn:

Safe cycling 101: introductory rules & techniques
Cycling courtesies and road ethics: nuances of sharing the road
Basic bike maintenance (hands-on)
Painting your bike (hands-on)
How to fix a flat tire (hands-on)

Contact us by phone at: 015212893456 or by email at:

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