Initiative: Coffee Union Project
aus: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Thema: /
vom: 06.01.2018

Ready to Learn How to Make Coffee?

Coffee Union Project offers free barista training to women with refugee status. We are a stand for women empowerment and freedom of choice. Our aim is to foster a space for mutual cultural enrichment through training for employment. In the program, aspiring baristas are open to opportunities for re/integration, developing german/ english language, and meeting new friends. We are creating the possibility for a network of coffee lovers to learn and laugh while supporting each others growth to live a life you love! Oh, and by the end you will be able to pour latte art and pour a heart into a coffee cup!

We are taking registrations! By signing up, you will stay up to date with our programs that will be hosted at various cafes across Berlin.We are so excited to meet you and build a community of coffee lovers! Spots are limited per class 🙂

So, are you ready to learn a new skill and becoming a kickass barista?

Contact Nicole via email or call/ text +4915129938187 to register.

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